Post custom cookie values into form, and UTM values as a fallback?

By: Jeremy Alexander | Asked: 01/19/2023
ForumsCategory: Code HelpPost custom cookie values into form, and UTM values as a fallback?
Jeremy Alexander asked 1 year ago

Hello! I'm trying to map this process used on another form to get formidable to post their unique cookie values into the specified fields, with UTMs as a fallback (default direct when both are missing) -- but can't wrap my head around it.  Does anyone have experience with this? Help would be greatly appreciated T_T   


$url = $_COOKIE['UTMSession'];
parse_str($url, $Utmarray);
$utm_source = $utm_medium = $utm_content = $utm_campaign = $utm_term = ''; if (array_key_exists("utm_source", $Utmarray)) {
$utm_source = $Utmarray['utm_source'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_medium", $Utmarray)) {
$utm_medium = $Utmarray['utm_medium'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_content", $Utmarray)) {
$utm_content = $Utmarray['utm_content'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_campaign", $Utmarray)) {
$utm_campaign = $Utmarray['utm_campaign'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_term", $Utmarray)) {
$utm_term = $Utmarray['utm_term'];
// check through Url Query Parameters
if (array_key_exists("utm_source", $getQueryParams)) {
$utm_source = $getQueryParams['utm_source'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_medium", $getQueryParams)) {
$utm_medium = $getQueryParams['utm_medium'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_content", $getQueryParams)) {
$utm_content = $getQueryParams['utm_content'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_campaign", $getQueryParams)) {
$utm_campaign = $getQueryParams['utm_campaign'];
if (array_key_exists("utm_term", $getQueryParams)) {
$utm_term = $getQueryParams['utm_term'];

$data['Source'] = $utm_source;
$data['Medium'] = $utm_medium;
$data['Content'] = $utm_content;
$data['Campaign'] = $utm_campaign;
$data['searchTerm'] = $utm_term;

Mark HansenMark Hansen replied 1 year ago

Hi! I had to jump through some hoops to get our tracking working properly on a client site. I ended up using this page as a resource to get me started.

I got it working in the end, and all data passes through to our hidden form fields, tracks perfectly, and is able to submit to SalesForce for internal tracking.

I hope it helps.


Jeremy Alexander replied 1 year ago

Mark this is stellar! Thank you so much!!

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