Published date fix for front end editor help needed

By: Chris Andrews | Asked: 04/19/2022
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Chris Andrews asked 2 years ago

Hi all,

I've got my site set up with the goal of handling all post management through the front end editor.

I ran into a problem in that, when a post is published through the front end editor, the published time is set to the original time the post was saved as a draft, not the actual time the post status is changed to 'published'.

Formidable Forms was kind enough to give me a snippet to fix this issue, it's below.

The problem I've run into however, is that it only corrects the time when a post is changed from 'draft' to 'published'.

My users save the post as pending to let me know it's ready for a review. If I review the post and publish it from the front end editor - so the post is going from 'pending' to 'published', the time is not corrected to the date of publication.

I suspect this snippet needs a minor adjustment to including pending > published as well, but I've been playing with it and haven't been about to figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated!



//FF sets the published time as the time the post was initially saved as draft. This snippet

//changes that to the time of publication:

global $my_frm_post_drafts;

$my_frm_post_drafts = array();

function update_post_timestamp_on_status_update( $entry_id ) {

global $my_frm_post_drafts;

if ( array_key_exists( $entry_id, $my_frm_post_drafts ) ) {

$postarr = array(

'ID' => $my_frm_post_drafts[ $entry_id ],

'post_date' => gmdate( 'Y-m-d H:i:s' )


wp_update_post( $postarr );



add_action( 'frm_after_update_entry', 'update_post_timestamp_on_status_update' );

function check_values_before_update( $new_values, $entry_id ) {

$status_field_id = 15; // change this to status field id from submission form

$meta = $new_values['item_meta'];

if ( isset( $meta[ $status_field_id ] ) && 'publish' === $meta[ $status_field_id ] ) {

$post_id = FrmDb::get_var( 'frm_items', array( 'id' => $entry_id ), 'post_id' );

if ( $post_id ) {

$post = get_post( $post_id );

if ( $post && 'draft' === $post->post_status ) {

global $my_frm_post_drafts;

$my_frm_post_drafts[ $entry_id ] = $post_id;




return $new_values;


add_filter( 'frm_pre_update_entry', 'check_values_before_update', 10, 2 );

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Victor Font answered 2 years ago

If you change one line, it should get you what you need:


if ( $post && 'draft' === $post->post_status )


if ( $post && ( 'draft' === $post->post_status || 'pending' === $post->post_status ) )

Chris Andrews answered 2 years ago

Yep, that did the trick, thank you Victor!

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