Repeater Field with default 0 rows.

By: isaac Ruiz | Asked: 04/29/2024
ForumsCategory: Code HelpRepeater Field with default 0 rows.
isaac Ruiz asked 2 months ago
Hi,   I need to find a way to set my repeater field to who 0 rows as default. I used the following article ( and it worked, except the "Add Row" button is gone as well.    Is there a modification I can make so that my forms repeater field defaults to 0 rows but includes the "Add" button?   I know this is possible because when delete all rows on the live form, the "Add" button shows up (see screenshot).  
2 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 2 months ago
Check out this post and Bobby's suggestion.
isaac Ruiz replied 2 months ago

I tried that. It works well for simple forms. My form is a little more complex. Hoping there's a way to code it in.

Bobby Clapp answered 2 months ago
I'm not going to write the code for you, but if you change the visibility of the button container to hidden, and then hide the fields with display:none, this will hide everything but the add button. However your going to have to add some JS code to change those properties back or remove them after the add button is clicked.

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