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By: Hen Elkarat | Asked: 05/30/2023
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Hen Elkarat asked 11 months ago
I have multiple pages survey, I would like to save the entry even if the client didn't hit submit button or save the draft button. 
like whenever the user clicks the next page button it would automatically add an entry to the list
as sometimes people don't click the last page submit button. 
can you help?
Steven MSteven M replied 10 months ago

HI Did you get a solution to this one? Looking for a solution to the same thing.

1 Answers
Steven MSteven M answered 10 months ago
For anyone else looking for a solution, this was provided by Formidable as a workaround.  
Currently, a user must be logged-in to have the ability to save a draft. We have a feature request to allow saving of drafts for logged-out users, and our developers are currently working on a new Form Abandonment add-on that will allow this to work - but in the meantime, there is a simple workaround:

What I would recommend is building two forms. The first will be your user registration form, and should be kept as simple as possible - only the bare minimum of details required to register a user. The form should be set to log the user in automatically when they submit the form, and the text on the submit button should be changed to "Next". The redirect URL should then take users to your main multipage form.

Full details on how to set up the user registration action can be found in our documentation here:

Using this method, users won't even realize they are being logged-in, and won't notice that these are two separate forms. But they get all the benefits of a logged-in user, like drafts being automatically saved on each page turn.

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