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By: Thompson Fiuzzi | Asked: 11/02/2023
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Thompson Fiuzzi asked 6 months ago

Hi, I'm trying to save the PDFs created thanks to formidable and then send them via API to another server, but I can't find any documentation on the matter.
Has anyone had similar experiences?


My goal is to send my pdf form via API.

After the user submits the form, an email with the PDF is sent to them.

The process:

1 I created my form where I collect my customer's data.
2 I created the view where I inserted the fields.
3 I created the message in action & notification that downloads the PDF
[frm-pdf view=x entry="[id]" public=1] I would like to send the pdf I created via API.


2 Answers
Victor Font answered 6 months ago
By definition, API communication takes place with JSON REQUEST/RESPONSE. I’ve never heard of any API that can handle file transfers. That’s usually done with ftp.
Thompson Fiuzzi answered 6 months ago
Thanks for your answer, even using an ftp how can I intercept the pdf file created with formidable given that the file is created "on the fly" by calling a view? Thank you.
Victor Font replied 6 months ago

The file, when it's created, has to written to some directory, doesn't it? The frm_pdfs_download_url filter is the hook where you can retrieve the file's URL to trigger an FTP transfer.

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