signiture field can't be saved through Send API Data looking for alternative...

By: John Aaron | Asked: 06/26/2023
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John Aaron asked 10 months ago
Let me set up the scenario that I am working with: I have built a form that has all the fields in it that I need to cover all the client’s needs. We will call this form ClientData.   When a client wants to create a request they go to another form we will call this form ClientIntake. When they enter in their request information this form is not set up to save entries instead it is set to create an entry in ClientData through “Send API data”   Now there is a 3rd form let’s call this one AdminReview. When the admin is notified that there has been a request he would go into AdminReview, set the pricing, set a date and time, and a few other options. This form also pulls the data from ClientData and is set up to not save entries but to write back to ClientData through “Send API data”.   The client is then notified that the contract is awaiting their signature and acceptance. You got it this is another form called ClientApproval. In this form they are presented with a contract all filled out and awaiting their signature. My problem comes in when I try to write the SignitureField to ClientData through “Send API data”. After talking to the support staff for Formidable forms I found out that you can’t send a signature field through “Send API data” back to that ClientData form.   My idea to fix this would be something like: Turn on saving entries for ClientApproval and let it save all the fields. After it has been saved do a php code snippet command to move that field from the current entry to the corresponding field in the ClientData form, and then delete the entry from the ClientApproval form.   Now the reason I am using so many different forms is because there is allot of extra fields that I use for calculations and housekeeping and just don’t want to save all that extra data in the database. Unlike the Summary field in the form you can’t just mark the fields that you don’t want to save. I also use almost all of the fields while building the views and it is just easier to do it if all the fields are in the same form.   Does anyone have any ideas?

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