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By: Dan Maby | Asked: 06/04/2023
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Dan MabyDan Maby asked 11 months ago

Hey all,

I am working on a staging site that is password protected via basic authentication. I want to send API data on a form submission to the same site. If I disable the password protection on the site, the API request functions as expected, but when the site is protected, the request fails with a `401 Authorization Required` status. I have tried customizing the API request header with the following function:

  * Set Basic Auth credentials for Formidable Forms
  function ps_frm_api_request_header($arg_array, $args)
  $username = "USERNAME";
  $password = "PASSWORD";
  if ($args["url"] == "") {
  // the full url where the request is being sent
  $arg_array["headers"]["Authorization"] =
  "Basic " . base64_encode($username . ":" . $password);
  return $arg_array;
  add_filter("frm_api_request_args", "ps_frm_api_request_header", 10, 2);

However, the status of the API request still fails. Can anyone help me understand how to send API requests with a site password protected?

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