Update an image somewhere on the page depending of a radio button choice

By: Chris Adams | Asked: 07/22/2021
ForumsCategory: Code HelpUpdate an image somewhere on the page depending of a radio button choice
Chris AdamsChris Adams asked 3 years ago
This question was asked earlier today on the Formidable Masterminds Facebook group:  
I would like to create an event listener to update an image somewhere on the page (but out of the form tags) depending of a radio button choice.   I know it is possible with JQuery but I am a noob on Javascript. Does someone could help me please?
  More specifically the user wanted to add a class to an image when a radio button option was selected and added:   If value A is selected > myClass = classA, if it's value B > myClass = classB   The solution is below.
1 Answers
Chris AdamsChris Adams answered 3 years ago
This jQuery snippet should do it:
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
switch($(this).val()) {
case "Option 1":
case "Option 2":
  • Change 2127 to your radio button field ID
  • Change "Option 1" and "Option 2" to your radio button options
  • Change "#your-image-ID" to your image ID or class
  • Change "classA" and "classB" to the classes you want added / removed when the options are selected.

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