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By: ignis van niekerk | Asked: 05/26/2022
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ignis van niekerk asked 2 years ago
Hi, My form registers a user with an address field, I want to pull the metadata from the address field to populate when the user logs in, the metadata saves the field as "Billing Address" but I need the code for the metadata to display for line1, line2, city, etc. this shortcode does not work [user_meta key="line1"] please assist
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Victor Font answered 2 years ago
The [user_meta] shortcode draws its values from custom fields stored in the WordPress user tables. You have to map the form values to the custom fields in the registration add-on. Did you check the wp_usermeta table to verify the values exist for your target user?
ignis van niekerk replied 2 years ago

Hi Victor, thank you, yes the values are in the wp_usermeta table, it is also mapped in the E2PDF addon, I am just struggling to figure out the shortcode for the user_meta key as the [user_meta key="line1"] does not work, the [user_meta key="Billing Address"] does however work but it pulls the values in on line1.

Victor Font replied 2 years ago

When you look at the data in wp_usermeta, the key is whatever value is in the meta_key field for that particular data item. If you stored the entire address into a single billing address field, then you have to parse the array manually. When you store the address, make sure you save each field individually, not as a single address field.

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