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By: mich h | Asked: 02/05/2023
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mich h asked 1 year ago
Hi! Still working on some the capabilities of formidable and have a question on using different forms on different sites.  If I have an install on one website (let's call it website 1) and have a customer view with a filter set to userid=current_user, that works for that view to only display forms for that user on that webpage. What I would like to do is allow users signed up from another formidable form on website 2 to view some of the forms data on website 1.  Is it possible to to share user access from another install on another website in this way?
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
You can either make a view public and give them them a unique security token or code to pass as a parameter and use the parameter to filter the view with the data you want to present to them.
mich h replied 1 year ago

Hi Victor. Thank you for the reply and I appreciate you taking the time to answer! Is it possible to generate individual views with URLs for each form submitted? I am still working on understanding the capabilities of Formidable so your input is appreciated.

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