Using Product Attributes in WooCommerce price calculations

By: Jason Berry | Asked: 09/07/2023
ForumsCategory: Code HelpUsing Product Attributes in WooCommerce price calculations
Jason Berry asked 8 months ago

When doing a WooCommerce product options form and calculating price based on a formula, is it possible to use a product attribute as part of that formula?

My example is as follows:

I have 3 products that are identical except each product has an attribute called "number of buttons". 

Product 1 has 1 button

Product 2 has 2 buttons

Product 3 has 3 buttons  

I have a "custom options" form allowing them to select the color of their buttons. What I need to do is charge, by color, multiplied by how many buttons that product has. I have this in another plugin already, but looking to see if FF can do it too.

Red costs $1/button

Blue costs $3/button

So the math formula would be: "[color price, which is a FF field] * [product_attribute_number_of_buttons]" Is it possible to reference the product attribute (i.e. it's not a FF field itself) in the formula?

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