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By: James Forster | Asked: 07/09/2024
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James Forster asked 2 weeks ago
Hi guys, Has anyone been able to add their custom field to the summary field display? I can't find an existing hook in the docs to do this. The hook 'frm_pro_fields_in_summary_values' looks like it could work but the docs say its for exclusion and I can't find a way to bend it to include instead. Cheers, James
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 2 weeks ago
I've never used that hook before, however, it seems worth a try to add to the $fields array, rather than removing it from it as the example shows. Assuming the id of the field you want is 999, you'd do something like:
$myField = FrmField::getOne(999);
$fields[ $myField->field_key ] = $field;
James Forster replied 2 weeks ago

Cheers Rob, will give it a go

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