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By: Phil Cox | Asked: 01/19/2023
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Phil Cox asked 1 year ago
Hi All, I need to create a user in Restrict Content Pro each time a FFPro registration form is approved. I see there is a plugin to automate this, but it looks like overkill (and costly) for this one automation. Has anyone experience of doing this with a snippet? Thanks, Phil.
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
I don't have anything that I've seen done, but surely it would be from a function here:
Phil Cox answered 1 year ago
Thanks Bobby. Looks "non-trivial". I'll explore replacing Restrict Content Pro with MemberPress, which appears to integrate with both FFPro and the Event Ticketing software in use on the site. Thanks again, Phil.
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
I looked at the restrict content pro developer docs. I couldn't find anything that defines their database schema, but I did find "there is a "memberships" database table and a "membershipmeta" database table." This means the plugin follows a standard WordPress metadata schema. You would have to examine the tables structures to know what fields are required by the plugin. You said you want to add a record to the tables after registration is approved. This implies an edit needs to take place at some point to approve the registration. If so, you could use the frm_after_update_entry hook to create the records in RCP.
Phil Cox replied 1 year ago

Very many thanks, Victor. I have proposed MemberPress as a solution instead and I'm awaiting approval to move over to that.

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