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By: Wojciech Zdunek | Asked: 07/08/2024
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Wojciech Zdunek asked 2 weeks ago

Hello, I have a question about adding pagination to the PDF generated that is send by email.

 I'm using a custom PDF view as attachment using the code I found on the official website as posted below.

How should I use pdf_args to add pagination to the view? or there is something else I should do?

add_filter( 'frm_pdfs_email_attachment_args', 'add_view_to_attached_pdf', 10, 2 );
function add_view_to_attached_pdf( $pdf_args, $args ) {
	if($args['form']->id ==5) { //change 5 to the ID of the form
         $pdf_args['view'] = 10; // ID of view.
	   $pdf_args['id']   = $args['entry']->id; // Do this to show the detail view, otherwise, it shows the listing view.
	   return $pdf_args;

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

2 Answers
Wojciech Zdunek answered 2 weeks ago
Ill' check it out, thanks, also expanding a bit on the question how do I add page numbers to the email attached PDF?
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 2 weeks ago

I've done that before, but I'm pretty sure that was using E2PDF, not the Formidable PDF addon. There might be a way to do it using CSS but I tried a couple of things with no luck. It can be frustrating that something that appears to be so easy is not.

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