frm_pdfs export content not working

By: Carlos Ossa | Asked: 11/30/2022
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Carlos Ossa asked 1 year ago
frm_pdfs_export_content doesn't work.   I use the frm_pdfs_export_content hook but I don't know why it doesn't work.   I have tried to use this example but there is no result   add_filter( 'frm_pdfs_export_content', 'add_extra_content', 10, 2); function add_extra_content( $content, $args ) { $entry_id = '<p>Entry ID: #' . $args['entry']->id . '</p>'; return $entry_id . $content; }   Also, use this example as a test. Of course I changed the ID to the one of my form but without result   add_filter( 'frm_pdfs_export_content', 'add_title_and_description_to_pdf', 10, 2 ); function add_title_and_description_to_pdf( $content, $args ) { $target_form_id = 385; // Change 385 to the ID of your form $form_id = (int) $args['entry']->form_id; if ( $target_form_id !== $form_id ) { return $content; } $form = FrmForm::getOne( $form_id ); return '<p>' . esc_html( $form->name ) . '</p><p>' . esc_html( $form->description ) . '</p>' . $content; }   Please some help. Thanks.  
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Where are you putting the code and have you changed $target_form_id?
Carlos Ossa replied 1 year ago

Hello, I appreciate your help. At this point I checked again and it works now 😊. I don't know exactly why it didn't work the first time.


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