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By: Stephen Walker | Asked: 04/17/2023
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Stephen Walker asked 1 year ago
Using this snippet from the developer docs and added to my functions.php file, this is not working. The original snippet did not include the form_id, which I added to avoid conflicts. Two questions:
  • Should this work as is?
  • If the field has validation (max length) set in the UI, does it eliminate this functionality?
  add_filter('frm_validate_field_entry', 'check_min_length', 8, 3);
function check_min_length($errors, $posted_field, $posted_value){ if($values['form_id'] == 2){
if ( $posted_field->id == 10 && $posted_value != '' ){
$words = explode(' ', $posted_value);
$count = count($words);
if($count < 6) $errors['field'. $posted_field->id] = 'Please provide a more complete response. Your response must be six words or more.'; }
return $errors; }

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