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By: Roberto Alvarez | Asked: 04/25/2022
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Roberto Alvarez asked 2 years ago


I need to rename the file uploaded into the form, the new file name must be:


(CV is just a text not a field)

That's possible?


Best regards

2 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago

You can rename csv files to anything you want. The file name isn't important. Formidable imports entries in the csv fine, not the file itself.

Roberto Alvarez replied 2 years ago

Hi, i need to change the original file name uploaded not in the CSV.

Original name: my_resume-file.pdf



Victor Font replied 2 years ago

Unless you want to write custom code, you rename files with the server’s file manager or through FTP.

Chris AdamsChris Adams answered 2 years ago

There is an example PHP snippet on the FF KB for moving and renaming files using the frm_after_create_entry hook.

If you don't want to move the files to a custom directory you'll need to edit it quite a lot but you can use this method to rename the files in the way that you want.

Roberto Alvarez replied 2 years ago

Thanks !!! I´ll test it

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