Separate Entries in form A for Each Repeater Field Entry in form B

By: lauren scott | Asked: 02/07/2024
ForumsCategory: Code SnippetsSeparate Entries in form A for Each Repeater Field Entry in form B
lauren scott asked 6 months ago

There are similar questions answered however I am trying to do something a little different than what I can find.

I want to submit form B with a repeater field,  and for each row in the repeater, I want to create an entry in form A, passing some of the values from each repeater row, to a new entry in form B.  

I can't seem to find a way to do this, so I attempted to create a function to do this after form B is submitted.  So, the code seems to work, but for some reason I am getting three entries in form A for each row in form B.

 Also, I get one good entry using the values, but I also get two blank entries.   any ideas.would be greatly appriciated.  


Here is my code 



2 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
There's no solution for this unless someone does some hands-on debugging. You have to see the values of $_POST['item_meta'][602] in order to make sure the loop is doing what it is supposed to do. Have you ever used the Kint debugger. You need a tool like this to determine why you are getting three entries.
lauren scott answered 5 months ago
Ill give it a try.  thanks for your time.  it is appriciated.

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