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By: Chris Adams | Asked: 06/18/2021
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Chris AdamsChris Adams asked 3 years ago
This snippet will show / hide a radio button option based on another radio button value.  
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
	// Hide field by default
	var hideme = $("#frm_radio_1831-1786-0");
	hideme.css('display', 'none');
	$('input[name="item_meta[1788]"]').change(function () {
		var val1 = $(this).val();
		if (val1 == 'Option 1') {;
		} else {
  • Change #frm_radio_1831-1786-0 to the ID of the radio button option you want to show/hide.
  • Change 1788 to the ID of the radio button field you want to watch.
  • Change 'Option 1' to the value that will need to be chosen.

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