Trouble with collecting Google Analytics/UTM strings in hidden field?

By: Amy Dalrymple | Asked: 04/04/2023
ForumsCategory: Code SnippetsTrouble with collecting Google Analytics/UTM strings in hidden field?
Amy Dalrymple asked 1 year ago
Hello!   I normally have [siteurl][server param="REQUEST_URI"] as a default value in a hidden field that my team can use to collect full URLs with UTM strings for analytics. In the last two weeks it seems like this shortcode has stopped catching any sort of additional URL string (anything with a ? proceeding it).   I just tried adding individual fields with [get param="utm_campaign"] (as example) and that's not working, either.   Anyone else having this issue?
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
I suggest opening a ticket with Formidable support. This isn't anything we can troubleshoot as volunteers. It requires access to your server and setting breakpoints in PHP to test values. It would be unusual for a Formidable update to break a shortcode that's worked forever.
Amy Dalrymple replied 10 months ago

Yup - seemed to be a code issue on my end!

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