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By: Alex & Vee BTD | Asked: 01/05/2023
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Alex & Vee BTD asked 1 year ago
Hi Formidable Forms Team I have three queries please. I have done a lot of work setting up different forms using Formidable Forms but I have not been able to publish many of them as I need help please. I have THREE queries: IN SHORT
  • I am desperately trying to work out if I can 'copy' a question field, or section from one form and paste it into another instead of needing to recreate each question and ensure the layout is consistent from one form to another.
  • Using a number of embedded forms in a parent form, would I be able to use conditional logic on a question in one embedded form to show / hide a question in a later embedded form, sometimes show/hide the 'later' embedded form itself.

  • Can I use a hidden field in a parent form to reference an answer from an embedded form? If so how?
  1.  COPY AND PASTE QUESTION / FIELD I have several forms for different audiences that contain similar question fields. Some of the fields are quite complicated (bullet points with images, where customer can choose / narrow down options to a final product to be manufactured). I am very amazed at what I could achieve with Formidable Forms so far, however, for the past 4-5 months I have been looking for the ability to 'copy and paste' a field or a section from one form into another. Whenever I update / amend a section on one form, I have to manually rebuild that section in the others. I would love to be able to ‘copy and paste’ a section or a field instead of rebuilding that section. To go around this issue, I have created a 'master / template' form where I have all the possible questions / fields there. Whenever I wish to create a new form or update a large section of it, I duplicate the 'master / template' and take out what does not apply the new form. This is clearly not the most efficient way but is better than editing a question in each form separately, often risking inconsistent layout of questions. Surely I should be able to copy the updated question / field format and paste it in a second form. Can anyone help? Note; Using a field in an embedded form to act as the 'master field' across all forms isn't working as I can't seem to use the values from the embedded form in conditional logic in either the parent form or other embedded forms.  2- CONDITIONAL LOGIC ?(BETWEEN)? TWO EMBEDDED FORMS Having failed to find a solution so far I have reworked the master / template form and chopped it up into separate individual form 'slices' to allow me to embed each 'slice' where it's needed into a new parent form. This would allow me to, where necessary, amend the form 'slice' and it would apply to that question wherever it's asked. So far, all went well, these small form slices, consisting of mainly one or two question / fields each and embedded in the parent form. My problem here is I have been able to use conditional logic, from a question in the parent form, to adjust which embedded 'slice' to be shown / hidden. Also from a question in the parent form I have been able to show / hide an individual (question / field / section) within a form 'slice'. I have not been able to work conditional logic to show / hide an embedded form 'slice' or a question within it, to be determined by a question inside one of the earlier embedded form slices. For example, the first ‘form slice’ asks about the type of material that is needed. Subsequent form slices would accordingly show the question with the chosen material showing. Unfortunately unless the material question is in the parent form the latter form slice does not seem to be able to reference the first ‘slice’. I’m sure it can be done but I cant work out how.

3- HIDDEN FIELDS To go around the problem above, I have explored the idea of, in the parent form, having a hidden field that can reference the answer of the earlier slice / embedded form. This would be so that the latter embedded form ‘slice’ would refer to the hidden field within the parent form. I am sure that this too could be done, however I have not had any luck so far. Although if I find the answer to any of the above, it would solve most of my issues, I would be grateful for, if available, a solution to each of the above as I’m sure it would help fix more challenges later on. Thanks everyone, Alex
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
No, you cannot copy fields from one form and use them in another. Each field can only be associated to one form to preserve data integrity. What some people have done is to store questions in lookup tables so the textual content can be reused. I've also had one client that figured out how to use Elementor and store questions in some type of Elementor snippet. Don't ask me how. I don't use Elementorr. For questions 2 and 3, use jQuery. You have to write the custom code yourself.

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