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By: Shawn Pery | Asked: 07/10/2023
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Shawn Pery asked 1 year ago
Many premium themes and plugins include ACF, when given permission by ACF.

I use a plugin (Advanced Themer) that includes ACF version 6.1.6. It has the whole ACF dashboard and everything. However, when this plugin is enabled, the FF ACF add-on doesn't work (no "map form fields to ACF Fields" toggle showing). When I disable Advanced Themer and enable the ACF plugin from the plugin page, the FF ACF add-on does work. Has anyone run into this issue? I would love to be able to use both plugins!
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
I never used an embedded version of ACF, but I have looked through Formidable's ACF addon code and as far as I can tell, Formidable only checks for an appropriate version by using function_exists( 'acf_decode_post_id' ) in ACF version 5.7.11. But when I read the instructions you posted, the embedded version does not work like the stand alone ACF Pro. This is what's different, "Along with the plugin files itself, you will also need to include the field group definitions. We recommend either registering your field groups with PHP, or including a local JSON folder."
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Field group definitions do not have to be manually created in the stand alone ACF. It's possible this may be the reason for the embedded ACF not working with Formidable. Whatever the case, it's beyond the capability of community volunteers to help with this. I suggest you open a ticket with S11.

Shawn Pery answered 1 year ago
Thank you so much for digging into this Victor. The response I got from FF Support is that I would need to modify the Formidable ACF add-on, since the add-on is looking for the ACF plugin using a path (Which would default to the plugin path). Since my ACF plugin is being loaded via another path, I'll need to modify the Formidable plugin, to use a different path. And that makes sense to me, though I don't feel like messing with the add-on code.   Thanks again!

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