action dependency on another action

By: Gabe Herbert | Asked: 03/27/2023
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Gabe Herbert asked 1 year ago
I have one action that gets a value from an API. I have another action that sends a confirmation email, but I only want that to send depending on the value returned by the API.  To be more clear, the API call is registering a user for a Zoom meeting. The response is their join meeting URL- that gets stored in a field in the entry. If there is no join URL, there was a problem with the registration, so don't send a confirmation email! I see now that that won't work, because the send email action runs its conditional logic before the Zoom registration. At first I thought I needed to reorder the actions, but now I understand that the conditional logic is run first on all actions, before any actions are actually run. So it would seem that the Zoom API call must be run on a hook that runs before frm_after_update_entry, or at least before FrmFormActionsController::trigger_actions() runs on that hook.  So that starts to smell like I run the action outside of the actions queue, but then it's not really an action. Has anyone come up with a good way to deal with this?   TIA

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