add dynamic days from today date

By: Massimiliano Mollo | Asked: 11/15/2022
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Massimiliano Mollo asked 1 year ago
hi, i have a problem, i need to add days from today date on view,i try : [frm-stats id=970 type=total 674_not_equal="SI"] 970 is a field id of days to add to today date,but i need to make similar date+970 tks for help
1 Answers
Martin Splinter answered 1 year ago
Not really an answer,  but i also need smth like this.
To add a few days to a date that a user has selected.

So form field date [4755], user selects 01-01-2023
an other field then will be [4756] value is [4755] + 30 days

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