Akismet's test ([email protected]) still getting submitted.

By: Jim Burgoon | Asked: 01/24/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsAkismet's test ([email protected]) still getting submitted.
Jim Burgoon asked 1 year ago

In testing Formidable forms with Akismet's spam testers ([email protected]), forms are still getting submitted. Akismet docs: https://docs.akismet.com/getting-started/confirm/ Anyone seen this before or know how to fix the issue?

WP: 4.9.22
Avada Theme: 5.7.1
Akismet: 2.4.1
Formidable forms pro: 4.04.01      

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
You are using very old versions of these plugins that are no longer supported. WordPress 4.9 was releases in 2017. The current versions are WordPress 6.1.1, Avada Version 7.9.2, Akismet Version 5.0.2, and Formidable Pro Version 5.5.6. Chances are good that with a site that old, your PHP version is likely out of date as well. Versions earlier than PHP 7.4 is deprecated and no longer supported. The best approach is to update everything to current versions and the Akismet issues may work themselves out. You may not be able to find anyone that can support such old versions of the software.
Jim Burgoon replied 1 year ago

Thanks for info Victor.

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