anyone used these

By: Larry Kolinek | Asked: 05/03/2023
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Larry Kolinek asked 12 months ago
So I realized these features were not included in FF. :(

Has anyone used or recreated them in FF?

I really like the 1 click to put your current location on the map. The ability to send that location/map location to a client is very simple/useful!!

The 1 click driving directions, as in when a customer wants to know how to get to a client store. The idea these are FAST and EASY, makes a user want to USE them :) I guess I need to pay for this product? argh... I thought they were included. Do these features work well?
Can they be customized and/or still follow/use the standard FF filters, so I can code the extra items I need? thanks
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Victor Font answered 12 months ago
Never heard of this add-on until your post. It is not an official Formidable add-on from Strategy 11. As with any 3rd party plugins, use at your own risk and contact the plugin authors for support.
Larry Kolinek replied 12 months ago

wow... I think you are right? So interesting.... == Part of Strategy 11 == Part of Strategy 11 === "maybe" part of Strategy 11 ???

I just assumed that, was part of Strategy 11.

Ohhhh... Victor, you are correct 🙂
after more digging...

so there is my answer.


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