API PATCH requests started failing with status code 500 after 2024-02-28

By: Ranjeet Singh | Asked: 03/22/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsAPI PATCH requests started failing with status code 500 after 2024-02-28
Ranjeet Singh asked 1 month ago
I have a script that sends a PATCH request to update an entry when a task is marked complete in our project management system.  It was working for many months, but it looks like all PATCH requests sent after 2024-02-28 have been failing with status code 500.  The message being returned by the Formidable API is HTML, not the typical error messages I see from APIs. Was there something in the the v1.15 release that impacts this route?  I have the Formidable API plugin Version 1.15 and Formidable Pro Version 6.8.3. yoursite.com/wp-json/frm/v2/entries/# POST/PUT/PATCH Update entry by id. # = entry ID. Here\'s what I\'m seeing:
  • try any of these calls in Python:
param_result = requests.patch( url=\'https://mysite.mydomain.edu/wp-json/frm/v2/entries/36262\', auth=(key, \'\'), params={\'6bt2\': \'True\'})print(param_result.status_code)json_result = requests.patch( url=\'https://mysite.mydomain.edu/wp-json/frm/v2/entries/36262\', auth=(key, \'\'), json={\'6bt2\': \'True\'})print(json_result.status_code)data_result = requests.patch( url=\'https://mysite.mydomain.edu/wp-json/frm/v2/entries/36262\', auth=(key, \'\'), data={\'6bt2\': \'True\'})print(data_result.status_code)
  • Note the output with html message
b\'{\"code\":\"internal_server_error\",\"message\":\"<p>There has been a critical error on this website.<\\\\/p><p><a href=\\\\\"https:\\\\/\\\\/wordpress.org\\\\/documentation\\\\/article\\\\/faq-troubleshooting\\\\/\\\\\">Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.<\\\\/a><\\\\/p>\",\"data\":{\"status\":500},\"additional_errors\":[]}\' Please note that POST and GET requests continue to work as expected.  This issue seems to be specific to PATCH and PUT.  The following code works, for example:
v_post = { \'item_key\': \'17kub\' , \'id\': \'36262\' , \'j8ouk\': \'1206584571307334\' , \'6bt2\': \'True\' , \'e9r7k\': \'\' , \'u7o30\': \'\' }put_result = requests.post( url=\'https://mysite.mydomain.edu/wp-json/frm/v2/entries/36262\', auth=(key, \'\'), data=v_post)

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