Askimet and Spam Protection

By: Gennady Gomez | Asked: 04/24/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsAskimet and Spam Protection
Gennady Gomez asked 1 year ago
Hello Everyone, I have a concern which some of you might have experienced or maybe explored before. My form was getting a ton of spam even with honeypot protection so I decided to add Askimet.  I've been getting a lot of entries flagged as Spam on my website, but there is not way for me to verify these as they don't get logged according to customer support.   My client has not mentioned anyone complaining about these being spam but I have no way to verify these are legit. I feel like my form submissions are way too low now and a bit concerned my client is missing leads. Do you have any experience with Askimet and potential false spam flags?   Thanks 

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