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By: Harry Abell | Asked: 01/29/2024
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Harry AbellHarry Abell asked 4 months ago
Anyone using Astra or Astra Pro as their them with Formidable Forms. I tried it and have a mixed option. I would like a theme to use but not sure which to pick. Looking for recommendations of a theme that works very well with Formidable
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 months ago
I'm sure this can turn into a battle of opinions :). I use OxygenBuilder. It's incredibly flexible and themeless, so you have no compatibility issues to worry about, nor do you have to care if your theme will be de-supported someday. You didn't state what the issues are that you're having with Astra (I've worked on sites that used Astra and didn't see any issues.
Harry AbellHarry Abell replied 4 months ago

Thank you I appreciate your information

Harry AbellHarry Abell replied 4 months ago

Thank you I appreciate your information

Victor Font answered 4 months ago
Formidable is theme neutral. The most common problem I've seen with theme compatibility is CSS conflicts where the theme's CSS overwrites Formidable's. Plugins sometimes cause a conflict, but for other reasons. If you're having trouble running Formidable with Astra, I suggest you open a ticket with Strategy 11 support and let someone take a look at your environment.
Harry AbellHarry Abell replied 4 months ago

Thank you, I didn't realize that Strategy 11 is by the same folks that developed Formidable.

Victor Font replied 4 months ago

Strategy 11 are the people that created Formidable.

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