At time of user registration using the registration add on how can i get the new user_id?

By: Jay Mac | Asked: 05/25/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsAt time of user registration using the registration add on how can i get the new user_id?
Jay Mac asked 11 months ago
I have tried the code below but it just returns a 0.   I assume that means that the wp user_id has not been created yet when the hook frm_after_create_entry fires.   Any thoughts on how to get this number? I can't get it from user meta and I can't get it from the form entry at least it isn't visible. The field key refers to the special formidable field    User ID      that does not show on the form $userid0010= FrmField::get_id_by_key('userid0010'); $wp_userid => $_POST['item_meta'][$userid0010];   Thanks,   J
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 11 months ago

The user id is definitely created by the time frm_after_create_entry fires, otherwise the user id wouldn't be saved with the form entry. Every table row in frm_items and frm_item_metas has a reference field to user id. When you debug your code, have you tried pausing the execution of your callback and directly examining the $_POST associative array values? Have you used PHPMyAdmin to confirm the user_id is stored with the entry records? Are you absolutely certain 'userid0010' is the correct field key for the user_id field on the form?

Jay Mac answered 11 months ago
Thanks Victor - Your knowledge is obviously way past my capabilities. I just created a new hidden field and defaulted that field to the meta key and then used the hidden field value.  J

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