Automatic actions based on entries field values

By: Dmitry Vodovatov | Asked: 03/07/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsAutomatic actions based on entries field values
Dmitry Vodovatov asked 1 year ago
Is it possible to run of bulk update all form entries to initiate API actions in each entries? Via PHP or another tips & tricks? I try to setup the removal of the form entries based on which value is present in the field (the value is updated after the other form is updated via hook But the API action does not start on its own (without direct entries updating).  Any idea?
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
You can do this with custom code but it's not easy and not anything I can explain without inspecting the details more closely. If you need to discuss with a developer, please visit
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Btw, there are hooks available to trigger actions programmatically:

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