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By: Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas | Asked: 09/17/2023
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Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas asked 7 months ago
Hi Guys Sorry iam a beginner! Iam using this code to keep updated same info in a 2nd form, retraiving the data from 1st form and works great ( But you know, when i put the same code for next field in the functions.php file, and replace the Fields ID and Form ID for both forms (there is 12 fields that needs to be sincroniced), then Wordpress give me an error :( Some body knows how to use this code to keep synchronized my 12 fields in both forms? Because works only for one field Thanks 
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 7 months ago

What is the error?

3 Answers
Jason Ryan answered 7 months ago

Hi Luis, I'm waiting on a similar answer to this myself with an open ticket in support. I have a Job Scheduling form and each Job receives a sequential and unique "Job number"  assigned in a field entry (easily done in formidable). Then I created a "Job status" field entry with 4 drop-down box choices.

Partially Completed 

Now that the entry is created I need the "User_ID" assigned to do the job to be able to update the "Job Status" field in the original entry via a secondary form so that entries into one form update another. But it needs to look up the "User_ID" and the assigned unique "Job number" and then update the field. I tried using some examples shown in tutorial for adding code to functions.php but this updated all Entries assigned to "User_ID" not specific ones by "Job number"I also used the edit-specific fields feature (adding it to a calendar view) to edit the original entry and assign it to the user, but it dropped other fields in the entry after updating the field specified.    

Victor Font answered 7 months ago
Both of you need someone to write custom code for you. You can find competent developers here:
Mathieu Trepanier answered 5 months ago
Hi Jason and Luis,   Have you guys found the right code? could you share it? or got a devlopper to do it for you that you could refer?   Thanks in advacne for you help
Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas replied 5 months ago

Hi Mathiew, No yet... the code works fine Updating the 2nd form, but it update the field on all entries created by me, that is my issue 🙁

Jason Ryan replied 5 months ago

Hi Mathieu, unfortunately, I'm still trying to sort this element out. It would open up so many great possibilities for applications with formidable forms if Formidable could have some GUI interface for updating entries in other forms.

It would then be competing with and these other £300 a month platforms for job scheduling etc

Victor Font replied 5 months ago

It's not difficult at all to use the single code snippet from the KnowledgeBase referred to have it loop through your fields. Create an array that holds the fields you want to copy, then loop through the array.

Jason, yours is a little more complicated because the custom SQL needs to search 2 fields, but it's not hard to do. If you need a developer's help, look at the directory on Formidable Masterminds.

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