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By: Elvin Lee | Asked: 11/20/2023
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Elvin Lee asked 5 months ago
Hi, may I know if the Formidable Forms support to use mobile camera to scan barcode and return such digits into the form? Thanks, Elvin
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
There's nothing specific for Formidable and barcode scanning. You may be able to use a WordPress scanner plugin and integrate it with Formidable, if you have the dev skills.
Luke M answered 5 months ago
If you wish to do it with formidable forms - create form, add text field, add some code to activate a field on page load so you don`t have to click it, activate camera (You can use dedicated keyboard = click scanner icon which activates camera and scans automatically when barcode / qr code is detected), add some code to auto submit the form, add redirect action so you land on appropriate page. Cheers.

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