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By: Will J | Asked: 04/02/2023
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Will J asked 1 year ago

I am trying to do something I'm pretty sure FF can do fairly easily, but for SOME reason (user incompetence is a high possibility...) I'm just not able to piece together an answer that works for me.

I have a form that looks great on the list view, but when I drill into the detail view I want another form to only display responses for that specific original form entry. 

I've created Form 1 with entry ID's 1, 2, 3 showing on the list view. Form 2 is placed in the detail view. Neither form currently share any fields. When I click on an entry to show the detail view, it shows ALL of form 2's responses, while I need it to "filter" (term used lightly) for the original entry ID only.

I've tried to filter the views for form 2. No go. 
I've tried to put in a hidden field in form 2 with [get param] to try to "grab" the Entry ID from Form 1 to link them, but can't figure out what param to put in to grab it.
The URL will change so, it seems like putting the URL in would only show that specific entry.
I've tried creating an autofilled field that they both share in order to nest the view, but can't get it to fill without user input.

I think I may have read and re-read every FF site related to this issue, but nothing is registering.
Have I mentioned I'm very new to all of this?
Again, it's most likely user incompetence so IF there is an easy fix could someone plz spell out the solution for me? ANY suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks so much & plz be gentle with my idiocy...

Larry Kolinek replied 1 year ago

use PHP sessions variable and webhooks 🙂

Rudi JvR replied 1 year ago

I have a similar requirement. I'm also new to all of this and am in need of guidance in terms of possible approaches of creating "relational forms", but have not had joy in the Formidable Forms realm.

Please let me know if you had some revelation or breakthrough you can share!

Asking for A Friend replied 1 year ago

Yes! You too! We'll get this!

2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
You cannot share fields across different forms. You can set the default values for the fields in form 2 that get the values from another form.
Asking for A Friend replied 1 year ago

Thank you for your reply! I've tried putting some of these short codes in the default value, but it's only returning the value of the field, not the entry ID or anything else. Is there, perhaps, an updated way to get the Entry ID for URL's the don't have the "?" in them? Mine just shows, for example. Thanks again!

Will J answered 1 year ago
I got it to work!!!! 

In form B, add a hidden field. In Field Options click Advanced and in Default Value put [get param="entry"] The URL of my website looks like this: So, when you submit the form, that field command tells the form to "get the parameter" of the "entry" and display it in the hidden field. For this site, a 1 should show up when you look at your entries for form B under the Hidden column.

Then, after setting up your view for form B, go to Filter Entries and Filter By: Hidden - is equal to - [get param="entry"]

Then your replies to form B should ONLY show up for that specific entry!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know it's super simple for the Formidable Awesomes, but for lil' ol' me, it's super COOL! Thx to Victor for starting me on the path! I'd also like to thank my Mom, my cat, my husband, and, of course, all of you!! Thanks so much!

And GOOD LUCK Rudi!! =)
Rudi JvR replied 1 year ago

Oh brilliant - So happy that you got it to work!

When I get time to continue tinkering with my site I'm sure this clearly articulated solution will get me on course to success as well.

Great (and funny) feedback, thank you so much for taking the time to get back with your solution.

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