Bug? Conditional Logic in Nested View (form display)

By: John Young | Asked: 06/03/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsBug? Conditional Logic in Nested View (form display)
John YoungJohn Young asked 2 years ago
Background I have a job applicants page where job listers can view the applicants for their jobs. After selecting the job, the applicants for that job are shown as a nested list view. The nested list view also has a nested view for displaying the applicantion status and info for each applicant. IF there are no entries in the view then it defaults to show the application status form where the job lister can make the first entry. The entry is then displayed with pretty formatting in the view with an inline edit button for changes.   Problem When there are 2 or more applicants for the same job without any status entered, the date entry form is shown in each applicants area. GOOD. The auto populated fields are populated correctly with the get param parameters passed in the shortcode. GOOD. The conditional logic of the fields in the form is perfect for the FIRST applicant, but for all following applicants the conditional logic is IGNORED. So all form sections and fields are shown when they should be hidden.   This makes for a very ugly and not user friendly experience when one job could have hundreds of applicants. I know that if i simply redirected the jop lister with a link or button to the status entry form on a new page would work, but I would prefer NOT to have to redirect to another page as it ruins the fluidity of the navigation experience.   I\'d love anyones thoughts and ideas on this. Screenshot attached.
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
If I'm understanding this problem correctly, you are displaying a single form multiple times on the same page, is that correct? If so, I'm theorizing that you're probably running into a conflict with element ids. The IDs generated for the form will be the same for each form on the page. HTML requires unique IDs across all elements on a page, if you use IDs, that is. Formidable always creates IDs based on the field key. I have no idea what the work around will be if this is what is causing the problem, provided there is a work around. If not, you'll have to consider a redesign. Do you know how to use your browser's console and development tools? You'll need to perform some debugging tasks in the console to confirm the ID conflict theory, but I would also look for jQuery errors and/or conflicts.

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