calculated count field based on non-empty text fields?

By: Jeff Wright | Asked: 07/14/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionscalculated count field based on non-empty text fields?
Jeff Wright asked 9 months ago

I'm building an event registration form. I want to create a calculated field for attendee count that is 2 if both "name" and "spouse name" fields are filled in, otherwise set attendee count to 1.  I thought this could be achieved via the () conditional, but I haven't been successful. Let's say "spouse name" is [100]. I tried setting a calculated default value for "attendee count" to both

([100]? 2: 1)


([100] != '' ? 2 : 1)

Neither of these worked. Any suggestions?

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 9 months ago

That type of calculation can't be used (see "Conditional calculations only work in numeric calculations and can not be used to compare text fields." It's easily accomplished with a couple of lines of jQuery though.

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