Can FFPro restrict access to Woocommerce products by user

By: Phil Cox | Asked: 11/29/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsCan FFPro restrict access to Woocommerce products by user
Phil Cox asked 1 year ago
Not sure about this integration - I wonder if anyone has tried it? A client wants to set up something like a prescription shop where each customer logs in and only has access to a specific set of products.   When a new customer joins, the owner will interview them and select the products that the customer is permitted to access - so I see this as something generated in FFPro displaying a list of radio buttons, with products displayed by category, brand etc.  Sounds like a FFPro filtered view. Then when the customer next logs in, and goes to the Woocommerce shop, they can only see their "permitted" products. Has anyone tried this? Thanks, Phil.
2 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
I don't have experience with this, but Formidable only adds fields to products. It doesn't create a product itself. So something in Woocommerce would have to be configured to limit the products if that's possible.
Phil Cox replied 1 year ago

Thanks, Bobby. I've continued my research and it's looking like I will need "WooCommerce Members Only" to make certain products private. The difficulty will be around modifying the user profile page so that the Admin can identify which private products a particular user has access to. Still unsure whether that is a FFPro skillset or something obscure.......

Phil Cox answered 1 year ago
Thanks all - closing this one.  I solved this using Advanced Custom Fields which allowed me to modify the user profile and provide a checklist of permitted woocommerce products.

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