Can I hide duplicate in a view?

By: ana Tvrdeic | Asked: 03/21/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsCan I hide duplicate in a view?
ana Tvrdeic asked 1 year ago
Hi guys,  I have an appointment form, and to make it work, I am using formidable hook "Update field in another form using entry id" which changes status of appointment to "Busy" if entry is created. Now I have trouble, because, some of the appointments, I would like to give 2 places, so in one day, I would like to offer to two different persons, for example the same appointment between 9-11 am.
I could do that this way with this hook - no problem, because each entry has different ID, so one of the appointments 9-11 is then busy, another is not, and I want to leave it like that, because I am not too skilled in PHP...
Is there any way, in a view, to not display this appointment twice? So, for example, display it one time, and when both entries with both ids are busy, for it to be set to busy? Thanks!
Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Maybe the "unique" filter in the view? Have you tried that against a field that would make sense?

1 Answers
ana Tvrdeic answered 1 year ago
I have, it doesnt help, since it only displays one entry, and not depending on its status (busy/available). I was thinking more in the line if there is something I could write inside a view, but I cant think of anything :(

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