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By: isak ellis | Asked: 09/14/2022
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isak ellis asked 2 years ago
I want to edit the settings for a form, however when I click on the settings for a form, I am getting a 404 error in some browsers and nothing happens in another browser. The form works fine as far as people filling it out and submitting it. The database is recording it. But I cannot make changes from the backend. Any thoughts? I am using the Pro version.
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Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago

Many questions. Is this locally run or is it public? Could it be a server-related performance issue (php variables) that might appear to be browser related? Is the connection secure (SSL)? What happens if you disable all plugins other than FP and revert to the default wordpress theme?

isak ellis replied 2 years ago

There is an option in the forms dashboard to make a duplicate of the form, so I made a duplicate and can now access the settings. No idea why simply making a duplicate worked, but I am good with that. Apparently there is a hiccup somewhere in the old form.

There's nothing special about the form. It is a simple contact form: name, email, subject, message.

I decided to give the duplicate a go before disabling plugins and changing the theme. Lucky me, the duplicate works.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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