Cascading forms (with lookup) not working

By: Gerry Bolger | Asked: 02/06/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsCascading forms (with lookup) not working
Gerry Bolger asked 1 year ago
I'm not getting my cascading fields to work..... and I cannot work out why

My structure
1: Country = UK
2: State = England / Wales / Northern Ireland / Scotland 3: Organisation 4: Organisation site I have a large table which currently has 2000+ lines with the above for England and Wales, I will be adding approx 10,000 more line with more data - BUT I cannot get cascading to work:

I've a lookup field for State (Called UK Country)
I've a lookup field for Organisation (i.e. show organisations ONLY in that state) - i.e. all Hospital organisations for ENGLAND
I need to then only show the sites from that organisation in that state.  - all SITES for that Organisation (Hospital group) Something isnt working as not all fields are showing in lookup - please see screenshot. Can ANYONE help, why is this not working for me? OR what am I doing wrong. Many thanks Desperate Gerry

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