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By: Eric Gurry | Asked: 12/16/2022
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Eric Gurry asked 1 year ago
I have a graph created using a Formidable shortcode. I want that graph to be aligned in the center of the Elementor column in which it is placed. But no matter how I try to configure the section, column or shortcode widget, I cannot get the graph to show up in the center of the column. Elementor says it is out of their hands because it is a 3rd-party plugin over which they have no control.  How can I configure this? Here is the shortcode I am using:
[frm-graph fields="212" type="pie" pie_hole=".4" title="" title_size="0" show_key="1" legend_position="bottom" height="600" 397_contains="SUYT"]
3 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Use your browser's inspection tool to identify the CSS controlling the element's position to adjust centering. If you want help, post a link to the page in question and identify what you want centered.
Eric Gurry answered 1 year ago
I have a test page set up at  All of the pie charts on that page are generated using a Formidable shortcode, and all are in columns that are set to center-align, yet none are centered in their respective columns.
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

The first thing I see on your site is that you have a jQuery error:

Uncaught TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null

This could be preventing anything else from working on the site. You need to fix this first before any other troubleshooting can be performed.

Eric Gurry answered 1 year ago
Thanks for the tip on those errors, I will check those out.  For the record, I Formidable support provided a workaround to center-align the chart.  You need to surround the shortcode with a div element that specifies the width and position of the chart, and then put that inside an object of the same width.  For example: <div style="max-width: 600px; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;"> [frm-graph fields="212" type="pie" pie_hole=".4" width="596"] </div>

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