Change color of fields with css class frm_color_block

By: Juergen Plessing | Asked: 10/20/2022
ForumsCategory: General questionsChange color of fields with css class frm_color_block
Juergen Plessing asked 1 year ago
Hi Everyone, could someone let me know how to change the color of fields with the css class frm_color_block, please?  Wasn't successful with the support pages.  Thank you!
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

Add custom CSS to the Formidable styles. Something like:

background-color: #999999;

Juergen Plessing replied 1 year ago

Hey Bobby,
Thanks a bunch. Once I looked in the CUSTOM CSS tab I found the code already with a color defined.

That was actually pretty easy to do.

Thanks from Germany!

Bård Krogshus replied 1 month ago


.frm_color_block{ background-color: #A43333; } does not create colour in BUILD mode. Is the syntax correct?

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