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By: Daniel F. | Asked: 08/22/2022
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Daniel F. asked 2 years ago
Hi Everyone, Quick question, I would like to customize the category/ link structure
for the business directory for the entry ID and entry key fields to improve the SEO of Formidable.

By adding a company the url generated is:

With 'company' being the entry key. I would like the entry key linked if possible instead to:

Is it possible to customize these links/ categories to be more SEO friendly like above?
Hopefully I can do a global change and not need to customize the links on each directory page individually or hire a developer to customize the plugin.  I would be grateful for any tips or advice.  Cheers, Dan
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
If SEO is important, my suggestion is allow formidable forms to create post/page. You'll then have more control of the URL structure.
Daniel F. replied 2 years ago

Hi Bobby, Thank you for the response. SEO is essential, the issue is if I need to manually create a separate post/page for every entry it sort of defeats the purpose of a business directory which is to save time by being able to input a lot of entries in one location, that's why I was hoping to customize the url structure of the plugin, or if someone knows of another way to do this?
I'm sure there are other users who don't want very long URLs 3 levels deep of categories, this does not rank on Google as well as shorter URLs i.e.

Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

You can still have a table of entries like a business directory and then have them link to the "detail" which will now be the post or page url instead of the dynamic paging that Formidable does.

Daniel F. replied 2 years ago

thank you Bobby

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