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By: Douglas Pierce | Asked: 05/22/2023
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Douglas Pierce asked 11 months ago
Hello,  I just started using Formidable forms and I created a form that included a required checkbox. When using Formidable styling, the checkbox doesn't function properly. Namely, when I click on the checkbox, the check appears above the form as indicated in attached image. When I disenable Formidable styling, I have no problem, but all the text is close together, making everything less legible. Thanks in advance for your help!
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 11 months ago
In almost every case I've ever investigated, this problem is generally due to a conflict between your theme or page builder CSS and Formidable's. You have to use your browser's inspection tool to find the CSS controlling the checkbox and adjust the settings. Nobody can explain how to do this from looking at an image. It requires a physical examination of your CSS to determine the final answer.
Douglas Pierce answered 11 months ago
Dear Victor,
Thanks for your answer to my question. That makes sense!
I don't actually have access to my CSS but my web designers do. Not sure if I will be able to resolve it or just leave off with the Formidable styling for the moment.

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