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By: Yves Carpentier | Asked: 04/08/2023
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Yves Carpentier asked 1 year ago
Need to use high contrast mode.  In this mode, can not see if checkbox is activated or not.  Need to change appearence of checkboxes in formidable forms, can anybody help?  Thanks in advance.  And by the way, same problems with radio buttons
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Set a background color in .with_frm_style .frm_checkbox input[type="checkbox"]:checked::before and remove the box-shadow: inset 10px 10px var(--text-color)
Yves Carpentier answered 1 year ago
Thank you, but I am afraid I am a commercial pilot and not realy into programming, could you be more pricise where to put what?  Thank you so much

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