Collect Payment with Stripe requiring completed fields, even when not selected/required in the form.

By: Steve Lambert | Asked: 12/20/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsCollect Payment with Stripe requiring completed fields, even when not selected/required in the form.
Steve LambertSteve Lambert asked 4 months ago

I've got two forms where people enter their name and email and receive an email back with a download link. They have the option to click a box to make a donation. Clicking that option triggers conditional logic that reveals additional fields: donation amount, payment field, etc.

This worked without problem on two forms on two sites until recently - the last month or so.

Now users aren't able to hit submit on the form unless they check the box to make a donation and complete all those fields. The submit button just isn't active until all the payment fields are filled out, even when that option is not selected, the fields aren't shown through the conditional logic, and the fields are marked not required.

Stripe plugin is active and connected to Stripe. Things I have tried:

1. Updating to current versions of the plugin and stripe plugin
Formidable Version 6.7
Formidable Stripe Version 3.1.3

2. Changed stripe setting to
"After entry is created. Select if your site is using conditional logic on the payment form action or PHP customizations to set the price. If a form has multiple payment form actions, choose this option."

3. Deactivated 'Collect a Payment' action in settings. This does allow users to hit the submit button.

4. Reactivated 'Collect a Payment' action and unchecked the "required" checkboxes for payment info. No change.

5. Tried turning off Ajax - was able to uncheck "Load and save form builder page with AJAX" but whenever I unchecked "Submit this form with AJAX" and saved the form, it would show up checked again on refresh.

6. Stared at the screen while clicking through multiple settings panels and double checking the logic over and over again. All the while wondering what change would cause it to not work when I didn't mess with the form or settings. 😳🤔😕

Here's the settings for the "collect a payment" panel. (fyi: Last name and the donation checkbox are unlabeled, but are set correctly.)

Please let me know if there's more information I can provide. I am baffled by this.

1 Answers
Joe Semones answered 2 months ago
Did you ever get any help on this? My form with a card payment feature shows the Submit button disabled, i.e with a Not sign when I hover over the button. Similar, but when I disabled the collect a payment button I get the same behavior,


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