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By: Jonathan Gittos | Asked: 02/05/2023
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Jonathan Gittos asked 1 year ago
I'm building a enquiry form using conversational forms which works brilliantly. At certain stages, such as contact detail submission, I need to change to a normal multipart form and stop the conversational layout. So that the flow switches from one-field in the viewport to multiple fields for name, email address etc. Perhaps making the change on a new page would be best? I've tried using sections and page breaks as well as form embeds but none has worked. I'm sure I can hack some javascript to do it and I'd guess it's a matter of removing elements or class names but to save time:
1) Is there a setting to "stop conversational on this field" that I have not noticed?
2) Has anyone already written a JS snippet to do so? I've already submitted a support ticket asking the same thing but wondered if anyone on the forum had a solution. I'll update this thread once I have an answer either way - since I guess it will be a common issue? All the best and thanks in advance. Jonathan Gittos
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Jonathan Gittos answered 1 year ago

So it seems that this isn't yet possible although the support team have submitted it as a feature request to the developers. I'd guess that many users will want to move to multiple fields in the viewport for contact or payment details.I think I've found a workaround which is to do a conventional multipart form with page breaks between each "conversational" question. Not quite as slick but it works. Jonathan

Juergen Plessing replied 7 months ago

Hi Jonathan,
I agree on using the multipart form with page breaks but the missing part is the automatic page change once you select an option. Which I thought makes a huge difference for the user experience.

So, hopefully this feature will be implemented soon.

John Cotter answered 1 year ago
Good post Jonathan, I have also been trying to group questions on the view page in conversational forms for some now and am/was surprised this is not already a feature. Being able to group questions on a view page seems to me an obvious requirement to make forms user friendly and it would make conversational forms so much better and more user friendly as otherwise the filing in process is a bit "blind" for the form completer as they cannot see the next obvious questions coming and can make the fresh page too frequently a bit of a boring or frustrating process.  Hoping the improvement from the development team will be soon. Meantime it looks like your muti-part form with page breaks is the only option. Cheers   John
Doug Tree replied 1 year ago


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