Conditional Display of Form Page Buttons?

By: Michael Clark | Asked: 09/14/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsConditional Display of Form Page Buttons?
Michael ClarkMichael Clark asked 7 months ago
How can I hide form page buttons until all required fields on a page have a value or even one specific field has a value/is not empty? That would be a great feature for us low-code/no-code click jockeys!  :-)
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
Have you tried "Add conditional logic to submit button" on the form's settings Buttons tab?
Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 7 months ago

Hi Victor. What I'm going for is controlling the visibility of the form pagination buttons.

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

You'll have to do this with custom CSS/jQuery. Even though the Next and Previous buttons are actual submit buttons, Formidable's conditional options for the Submit button only apply to the button with the class frm_final_submit.

Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 7 months ago

I see. Have you done this before? If so, do you have code snippets you'd care to share/sell? B)

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

I've written tons of jQuery/CSS. Every situation is unique and I don't have any snippets to share. If I haven't published snippets on Formidable Masterminds, then I don't have a snippet to sell either. This is what you need to use:

You target the element with $("#element-id"). Change "#element-id" to the id of your target element. This shouldn't take more than 10-lines of code. Takes all of about 5-minutes to write.

Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 7 months ago

Wonderful! Thanks for the assist, Victor. If i get this running, I'll post it here and in snippets. I can imagine with a couple of code comments it's something that could be a decent utility for a few use cases 🙂

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