Connect Formidable to a Salesforce API Integration user?

By: Tom Spettigue | Asked: 08/15/2023
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Tom Spettigue asked 8 months ago

Hey all - We're trying to get Salesforce all connected with our Formidable Forms Pro plugin, and in the interests of best practices and security, we were trying to connect it to a Salesforce API Integration user in keeping with the principle of least access. This is an automated account, and we don't want it capable of potentially logging into the UI should credentials become compromised or something, and you guys are actually USING Salesforce API keys to get it all working, sooo... I'm not really sure why we'd use a "human" user in the first place. In any case, when using a Salesforce API Integration user to perform the connection to Salesforce for Formidable, we do not get the success code string ("success?code=") appended to the URL, and thus, I have no idea what I'm supposed to paste into the "Auth Code" field in the Salesforce settings for Formidable in Wordpress. It'd be pretty rad if there was a way to get this to work with an API Integration user, and not an actual user who could log into the UI and stuff. We'll go that route if we have to, but that's not an ideal setup.

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Tom Spettigue answered 8 months ago
I think I figured it out - I was logged into my Salesforce sandbox with my Sandbox user account first, and, wanting this application to use the API through an API Integration user rather than a Salesforce Standard User, I had to left-click the "(Not you?)" in the pop-up window to enter different account credentials. This will not present an "Auth Code", and will not, therefore, work. Clear all of your cookies for and, and THEN left-click "Authorize" in the Formidable Salesforce settings (with your appropriate Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key placed in there). The pop-up window that appears will not have any Salesforce account pre-logged-in, so you enter your Salesforce API Integration account credentials and you'll get the "success?code=" thing appended to your URL for you to copy the auth code out of. Works fine. Hope this helps any future person stumped by this problem.
Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 8 months ago
Great thread, Tom!

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