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By: Jon Stu | Asked: 08/09/2023
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Jon Stu asked 8 months ago
I am trying to create a consent form generator.
Essentially Person A fills out a form on the site with details of Person B. Once submitted a page is created with these details on, and it shows information conditional/based on these details and it also includes a signature field. Person B is emailed a link to this page, and can sign the form and submit.
Person A will also have a portal page, that allows them to view the consent forms, and Person B details. ie. a page with showing a View of the consent form generator entries. When person B signs their consent form the Person A page updates.
Is this possible to do in Formaidable Views. Does anyone have a rough idea of how to go about it? I have created the Person A form, and portal page.  
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Victor Font answered 8 months ago
Yes, workflows are possible with Formidable, but it takes careful design to make sure both Forms A and B are related to each other through their entry IDs. The closet design idea to make this work can be found in Formidable's KnowledgeBase article for implementing comments. You need to follow the same principle for your design.
Jon Stu answered 8 months ago
Thankyou, for the quick reply I will check out the link!
Jon Stu answered 8 months ago
I looked into the link, and I think I understand the entry id relationship. From my understanding when you create a post/page when you submit a form, it is essentially putting the data or view onto this page, and then you can send a link via email. Is it possible to have a form create another form on a page (not a view)? So the page Person B sees, will include data from form A, but also include form fields (such as signature field) which they can fill out. If this is not possible is it worth looking at zapier to dropbox sign for this functionality  
Victor Font replied 8 months ago

You can't place a form into an email. What you can do is create a link in an email and pass the content from Form A to Form B via query string variables and using the get param shortcode to set field default values in Form B.

Jon Stu replied 8 months ago

I really wish I understood this! I think I may have to hire someone to help.
It would just be helpful if I knew what I am asking for is even possible. I would like to have a form, lets say that allows input of name and address, and some options. When submitted it creates a page (and emails link), which includes a view of the form (name address, options) AND also a signature field is this possible?

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

I don't know why you would create a page. Form B should be on a page. You send a link to the page in your email and include a query string to pass the values from Form A to Form B. It's really quite simple. This old video of mine explains query strings.

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